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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does Valued Homes operate?
    We are a Johannesburg based business and currently operate in the following suburbs; Midrand, Centurion, Paulshof, Bryanston, Randburg, Fourways
  • What type of renovation projects can I make with Valued Homes?
    Valued Homes is focused on by making key value enhancing changes to your kitchen, bathrooms, flooring or exterior of the house. We will evaluate the optimal changes required for your house to sell fast. Our services include, a) New Flooring - tiling or wooden b) Kitchen Improvements - fixing, respraying or replacing doors c) Bathroom Improvements - tiling, updating accessories d) Roof and Ceiling Repairs e) Electrical Work with certificate f) Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Why should I renovate my house with Valued Homes?
    We take away the stress of starting a renovation project when trying to Sell and start a new life elsewhere. We manage the Reno project end to end so you can continue with your busy life. We fund the project so that you don't need to apply for a loan. The higher sales price will make your agent happy and you will have more funds for your new home
  • Will my house sell?
    All homes sell eventually. We will get it sold faster than the area averages and in the unlikely event that the home remains unsold or the seller wants to remain in the house, the seller can repay the upgrade costs once-off or monthly with agreed terms.
  • How do I qualify to have my house upgraded through Valued Homes?
    Make sure that your property is in Johannesburg. We work with Full Title/ Freehold under-valued homes (we will assess this for you) in great neighbourhoods. You must have a licensed real estate agent, if not we can recommend one to you. You must be selling your house. We will send our property specialist & contractor to assess your home, valuate and determine changes required then we will determine whether you qualify to make a profit from partnering with us.
  • How will I pay Valued Homes for the work done?
    The renovation project costs will only be paid when your home sells. There are no upfront fees, interest charges, or credit checks. We simply assess the potential upgraded value of the sellers property less the amount currently owed on the property less upgrade costs. Valued Homes completes the upgrade project and only gets paid by the lawyers when the house is sold.
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